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New Photos and Page Added

I am finally getting around to adding some photos to the blog. Right now I added a few pictures to my Personal page and a new iPhone page. Please feel free to comment and thanks for stopping by!


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Where have I been?

School is well over (as is the summer) and I am actually in quite a rut as far as taking new photos. I am hoping to breakthrough this slow time with my new DIY ring flash I created  rigged together.

New Street Photos!

I added 2 new photos to the Street Photography section here. Thanks for looking!

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Getting “creative”

Okay, so I was bored after class today and I took a few pictures of random objects around the apartment, as well as one out my window (the first image). I guess I can say I was attempting to show my “creative” side…Anyways here they are. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thank you!

Click on small images below for larger file and better resolution

Looking out onto Farwell Ave.

Yellow vintage

Almost to the center…

Sun (mostly) in the center!

Thank you to everyone that has been following me! I am really hoping to start up on some projects that I’ve had ideas for in the spring. Stay tuned!


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New Category – Street Photography

I just created a new category in my Portfolio section – Street Photography. Be sure to check it out! Thanks!

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