Chicago Auto Show

This past Saturday I took the day off from any schoolwork and decided to head to downtown Chicago for the Auto Show with a few wonderful friends. I took quite a few pictures; however, very few were from the car show. Instead, I wanted to get more practice with my newly acquired 50mm. I got more experience in Street Photography, both before and after the Auto Show, as well as some portraits and architecture shots. Anyways, here are  a few of the images (11 to be exact). You may find the street photography pictures from my Saturday rendezvous under the Street Photography section of my Portfolio.

Click on the image for larger size/better resolution (best resolution is when photo is at full magnification)

As always, feel free to leave a reply and thanks for looking!

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New Category – Street Photography

I just created a new category in my Portfolio section – Street Photography. Be sure to check it out! Thanks!

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Revisiting 2 Old Photos

Something I have learned while taking up photography is that I enjoy to go back to older photos every once in a while and re-edit them since my Photoshop skills have grown since then. Another reason I like to do this is to practice when I am pressed for time and don’t have time to take new photos, or I like to see if other effects will make the pictures more interesting. Anyways, here are 2 photos I have recently revisited. The original edit is on the left and the new edit is on the right. Click on the images for larger file sizes and better resolution. Thanks for looking! Comments are always welcome!

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A black bed sheet and 2 flashes with umbrellas…

Turns out that simple set-ups such as a black bed sheet,  2 film era flashes (triggered with wireless transmitters/receivers), and a few friends can make for a pretty fun impromptu photo shoot. Here a just a few of the images and I have plenty more to edit. So be sure to check back for more!

As usual, click on the images to see larger files and better resolution.

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Jon and Phoebe’s Engagement

I had the pleasure of completing my first ever engagement shoot this past December. I was kind of nervous as this was the first time anyone has asked me to take pictures of them in a professional manner. Anyways, here are a few of the pictures from the shoot. Best wishes to Jon and Phoebe! (Click on images for full size and better resolution)

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