Street Photography

Street photography is a new adventure for me and I am slowly growing into being confident enough to do this regularly. This page will be dedicated to my street photos and will help to track my progress, especially in terms of composition. I think street photography relies on composition to make the ordinary seem extraordinary. Anyways, here are my first few images. Larger photos with better resolution may be seen by clicking on the image. Thanks for looking, and leave a comment if you would like! (A gallery form of all images may be found at the bottom of the page)

I felt bad for this guy. It was 15F outside and his keys kept freezing. However, he continued trying his hardest to play and he was more than willing to have his picture taken.

Another saxophone player in Chicago, only this time at 9pm. It was even colder than earlier. I have to give it to these guys to push forward through the frigid air.

From Milwaukee:

All of the pictures in gallery form (click on an image to enlarge the photo and begin the gallery slideshow) –


6 thoughts on “Street Photography

  1. refractmusic says:

    you really capture some essence in these photos. they’re great!

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  4. Solange Foix says:

    Your photography is great !

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